Mankato Blazes the Trail for Compassionate Towns USA!

YOUR’RE INVITED: Compassionate Community Presentation and Town Forum
Nov 2, 3-5pm, Verizon Reception Hall. Please RSVP

We’re on the move to show America how community is the future of end of life care. “End of life?” you ponder, “Not now.” And yet, we experience death all the time. Each breath and each sleep is a death of sorts, every sunset and first snow is the last of its kind. Dreams die, as does our youth. There can be the death of trust in a relationship and the death of lost opportunities. And the death in goodbyes, even if it’s just out the door in the morning. I think you know already about the big deaths in life, the ones we deeply fear or those that break hearts.

End of Life includes all the endings, loss, and caring we experience in our shared adventures of being human; death is part of the human condition. If there is meaning in life, then there must be meaning in death. In our authentic connection with every day experiences and with each other, we can search for the lessons in endings. We can find ways to grow, to learn wholeness, and to practice compassion – for self and others. Imagine a whole town opening to the fullness of being, and of being there for each other.   

Compassionate Mankato:

  1. Harnessing existing resources and strengths.

  2. Building greater capacity for compassionate citizen engagement.

  3. Forging Partnerships: People + Health Institutions + Faith Communities + Arts + Media + Schools + Workplaces.

    We all have a role to play…and we all need each other.

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