"To have a direct experience with dying is profound and rare.
Being present at end of life is beyond intimate, it is pure humanity."

—a voice from the Greater Mankato Area community

 Deva(Light) + Nation(Community)

Our vision is that community members come together and develop a means of offering social and practical support for those in need of care at the end of life; a community-wide response tailored specifically to our community for the benefit of its members.  Learn More>>

What Is a Compassionate Community for End of Life Care?

A Compassionate Community acknowledges that care for one another during life’s most testing moments is not solely a task for health and social services but is everyone’s responsibility. For most of us, 95% of the experiences in aging, serious illness and bereavement will occur outside our visits with health professionals or hospital stays.  Aging, loss and dying are not medical issues with social aspects, but rather social issues with medical aspects.  The goal of a Compassionate Community is to mobilize citizens to provide practical and emotional support for all of its community members affected by difficult aging, serious illness, caring, dying, loss, death and bereavement. 

  • It is a new way of thinking about how care is provided to our frail elderly and those who face life-limiting illness. 
  • It involves communities and professional services working together to understand, build capacity and address issues to improve experiences in end of life care and bereavement.
  • It relies on the identification, development and nurturing of caring networks, around the person and their caregiver, shifting the concept of person-centered care to network-focused care.

Phase I Complete: Read the "Deva Nation Community Needs/Asset Assessment Report">> (Greater Mankato Area Interview Report).


"We must engage the citizenry to take end of life care seriously as a community wide responsibility—not something we simply or solely delegate to health services."

—Professor Allan Kellehear,
Founder, Compassionate Communities for End of Life Care
President of the Association for the Study of Death and Society(ASDS)
and Public Health Palliative Care International