Mary Ann Boe, Executive Director

Photo by Shelly Mossman

Photo by Shelly Mossman

Mary Ann Boe has been a leader in the death and dying community for over 30 years. Her credentials for end of life work began with her son's 14-year sojourn with death, which continues to motivate her life's work.

As a community builder, she was the Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Cedar Culture Center in Minneapolis, MN (one of the premier venues for global music and dance in the midwest). Within the field of death, dying and loss, Mary Ann founded one of the first residential hospices for children in the U.S., providing programs of care, support, education and research. Additionally, she is certified as an End of Life Doula and served as the Executive Director of the Conscious Dying Institute in Boulder, CO. She was also a consultant for the National Advanced Illness Coordinated Care Council. 

Through Deva Nation, Mary Ann supports citizens in developing community driven, holistic responses to the diverse care and comfort needs at or near the end of life.

Contact:, (651) 303-0744

"My life's work is a gift from my son. He gave me a mission; I believe we can build and sustain a new culture of care that delivers compassion and well-being throughout our whole life and death journeys. My son used to say, "There's work to do!" He was right. And it is my honor and privilege."